Did you hear about xSky?

March 6, 2011

To put it simple, xSky is a communication tool designed to interact with Skype to make it more useful for business or personal use. It will not only allow you to mass comunicate with groups, but also enable you to search through Skype to build your contact base.

  • xSky is a one monthly payment of $27 to join and continue using the unlimited sending services.
  • xSky will be paying out a generous 70% Commissions down 3 levels deep.

To learn more about xSky... listen to my audio file below with a testimonial from the 16 year old Creator, Jeff Hansen, from Denmark.

Join in on xSky Training Sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays @ 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 pm EST with Julie Wolf and Lawrence Bland as presentors for the xSky Training.

Get your xSky affiliate link onto Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, in Emails, in Forums post, in your Blog etc... and EARN - as a PROUD xSky Community member and User - of this wonderful new Skype Tool!!

Happy Earning in www.xskysoftware.com.

XSky will also offer this..... BIG Bonuses…..  Over $7,000 worth!!

  • FREE Lifetime updates of xSky software,
  • A FREE membership into the xSky members community including a forum for members,
  • FREE Video training on how to use xSky,
  • A FREE HUGE library of Downloads that include resale rights,
  • FREE Custom branded to YOU opt in pages!!
  • FREE premium software downloads,
  • FREE Expert training courses on all aspects of Internet Marketing,
  • FREE Access to other Skype tools,
  • FREE webinar rooms that hold up to 150 people,
  • 1 month FREE premium hosting, 100% FREE member support.

Stay informed and get your groups of people that are interested ready. When something like this launches - you want to get in and get it out - to as many people as you can. This way you get it into profit on day one... But also: Attend the Training Sessions, on HOW to use this very powerful tool!!

Thanks for being associated with me.

Best regards, Mia Hienovirta Skype: miawillberg - Please, feel free to add me to your Skype Contact List.


Nasty’s Channel looking for new Guest speakers to the show!

December 5, 2010


I'd like to welcome you to my new channel here on Podbean.com. You can listen in your own phase, to what I and other people have produced here. I hope you will find something that will be interesting for you. We also hope you will be part of this channel, with your own contributions.

If you have any questions, or simply want to make a testimonial podcast for this show and it's host, or maybe just send us your own opinions in general, we want you to feel free and confident to send them to: prylen@prylensweb.se

We'd love to publish your thoughts - whatever your thoughts - might be around. It can be about business, relationships, loneliness, partnership, children, work situation etc.

To be able to send us your audiofile, you need to record it first. You can record your file easily with your computer and a headset, if you go and find out where your "Windows Audio Recorder" is on your computer. It is as easy as; push record, talk, push stop, save your file, where you will find it on your hard drive.

Before you start, it is advised that you have some kind of script in front of you to read from, if you are not a VERY spontaneous person, who are able to talk straight from the heart. Those individuals we truly LOVE and cherish, here on Nasty's Channel. As long as you are honest and have a proper behaviour, you are welcome to send in, what ever you want to say out loud.

Just click "record" and "stop" and you're done.

Save your audio file in a appropriate file name, i.e. as "Guest Speaker YOURNAME 2010-01-01" as for an example. Then send it to: prylen@prylensweb.se as a attached file with the subject line: "New Guest Speaker for Nasty's Channel". Inclued your contact information inside of your email body, or we will not be able to publish you! We will contact you to verify that the information that is sent to us is correct.

Inclued this information in your email body message:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your Skype ID
  • Your Phone number

IMPORTANT: Your audio file can be MAX 30MB in size and in a MP3 format!!

Thank you for visiting.

Feel free to return at any time or visit my blog at http://hienovirta.com where I also have attached a player from this page for blog visitors to listen to.

Mia Hienovirta, Lead Producer

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